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314 East Main Street 
Norton, MA 02766

We are currently available for treatments 7 days a week by appointment only. Call us to schedule an appointment or with any questions. Serving the Norton, MA area.

About Us

membersealWe’re a local family, living in Norton.  Our daughter contracted head lice after an outbreak at summer camp. As a pediatric nurse practitioner I followed the same guidelines I give my patients; go to the drugstore and buy an over-the-counter remedy. Much to my dismay, after multiple treatments we found that the store bought products didn’t work. After doing a lot of research online I was fortunate to find a not-so-local clinic providing the Lice Clinics of America treatment using the AirAllé device.** I was extremely delighted with the service and the results. After weeks of dealing with this on our own we walked into a friendly, relaxing environment where they put me at ease, solved the problem in one short treatment and my daughter didn’t have to endure the effects of any irritating chemicals.  For this reason, we felt that there was a tremendous need for this service and decided to open up a lice clinic local to Norton that might serve other families in neighboring communities.

About Our Network

Lice Clinics of America is a science-based lice removal company, a world leader in lice-treatment services, and the world’s largest network of lice-removal professionals. Our clinic is locally owned and operated.

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